A Personal Update – On Setbacks & Redirection | 2018 |

This post is dedicated to Renee, Ginay & Annie, they’re still alive but angels none the less, Thank you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2018!!

Yup, it’s 2018 and it appears that my lackadaisical tendencies of writing these blog post infrequently and on no apparent schedule has continued. This was not my intention, I started this new year all energetic but by the Sunday of the first week I had one of those moments that make you question the very purpose of your life which I’ll get to later.

As a general update, I was planning on releasing youtube videos twice a week and a new blog at least once a week along with weekly social media posts. The channel started, you can see those videos here. I didn’t publicize these videos because they were my first ones. Issues include audio (roosters, birds, I do NOT live on a farm), seeming very dry and not knowing how to bring across interestingly the epic content I learnt. In future I plan to try to make the videos more personable and interesting, if you have any suggestions or video ideas for when the equipment is fixed leave a comment or send me a message on any of my socials.

My New Logo for Caribbean Bloom

Back to the purpose of life. A lot of things happened in that short 2 week span which has been 2018. I switched jobs, had some interesting employment drama which I will make a video on, and our equipment fell and got damaged. But, as per usual there was a huge lesson to learn from this “belly drop” moment. As a recent graduate and my boyfriend being someone who was running their own business we didn’t have much extra change for repairs. The thought of having to pay for shipment and repairs overseas was daunting but it really made us consider our general life directions, a real down to earth moment.

God is a good God, turns out we didn’t have to worry about those expenses because at the time of the drop we were doing a photo shoot for some great friends from Boston who were leaving the same day. That weekend Boston has a snow storm, their flight was delayed on the Sunday, we hadn’t yet figured out if it was a locally fixable issue or not. After we got home and we were 100% sure it would have to be sent overseas they messaged saying their flight got cancelled and they’re leaving tomorrow. As it turns out someone who can fix the camera is located in Boston so we just had to drop it off at their hotel room and voila, free shipping to the US! They also offered to help us with the repair expenses, may God Bless their souls. This post is dedicated to them and the beauty of timing, coincidence and faith.


It seemed to simply be God saying the time will come but not yet. In the meantime we get to focus on our new life directions and our spiritual energy balance. My motto for this year was going to be “The Journey to Financial Prosperity” but I think I’ll just make it “The Journey.” I’ve made some bold choices and finally understand the importance of mental happiness even in the workplace. People make it seem like you should endure most things for the paycheck, surprisingly in my very first real job experience I realized this is not true.  Enough on that for now, future post coming later.

At the end of the day I may not be rich but this doesn’t mean that I should spend every moment of the day focusing of when I will be. I’m currently reading a book called “The Power of Now” with my boyfriend and I may upload chapter updates on my blog. In essence it’s asking persons to not live in the future (my problem) or the past. In this exact moment what problems do you have? Not future issues such as bills or social obligations but right now, this exact moment. What is it? If you can’t change it, remove yourself from it then your only choice is to accept it.

What will be will be, don’t focus too much on your final destination but make sure you enjoy the journey and every step you make towards getting there. Doing something “as a means to an end” especially if it makes you complain and harbor negative energy is something you either need to change, remove or accept.

I’ve changed my situation, removed myself from an environment and accepted that I have a different roevery day is a fresh startad to many other people. I have a general idea of my destination because I tried not to ignore the many signs God threw my way. God and purpose are always speaking, we just need to listen. Listen to ourselves, look internally instead of looking externally for direction. External direction will always leave our souls lost due to the impermanence of worldly things. Don’t let a title or path determine your self worth.

I guess that’s it for now. Look out for weekly posts and definitely for videos when everything is set up.

Remember to keep Growing!



Until Next Time




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