Life is a Marathon – Message to the Graduates

On Saturday the 21st October 2017 I officially graduated from the University of the West Indies. I say officially because I was finished in my opinion with the UWI from the time I saw “graduated” on my unofficial transcript. That was back in July, since then I’ve been confused and all over the place with my future dreams, plans and goals.


From the time we were 4 before we even started forming proper memories we were placed in school. For the next 17 years, at least in my case it has been from exam to exam, class to class, assignment to assignment and level to level. Although we are all surrounded by parents and adults as children, all we could do is speculate on what “adulthood” is really like. For children life appears steady and certain at least when it came to knowing what we were supposed to be doing and where we were supposed to be.

After we graduate, or finish that last exam at University to become officially unemployed it’s almost like we step out of one world into another and we are immediately lost. Some persons become employed straight out of university and others have to wait years before they are selected. This isn’t based on measurable data like we’re used to in school where the best grades  or most outstanding performances received awards and opportunities. Two other things become very important, luck and timing.

Things take time

In our minds life plays out smoothly, we will get a job quickly after we graduate, accelerate through positions and be the next famous lawyer, CEO or mega Entrepreneur.  We’ll start making money and get ourselves a car and much wanted clothes. However it doesn’t always work out how we see it and that’s okay. For all recent graduates remember that things take time. Things take time but eventually something will happen, it may be a month, 6 months or a year but at some point something will happen.

Remember to Dream

We are young and I hear everyone tell me “The World is your Oyster,” and this is the time for us to dream. Let your mind wander, where do you see your self? Take this time of wandering to find out where you belong in the world.

LuckWhat working environment works best for you? What talents and interests can you cultivate to give back to the world? What are your strengths and weakness. Before the answers to these questions were all theoretical but as we get out into the working world remember to seek these answers and keep asking questions. Be prepared to learn, not only about your work, business and environment but about yourself.


Always Remember

Not all those who wander are lost.


not all those who wander


It may take time to find where you’re supposed to be or what you’re really meant to do with your life but it’s all a journey. Remember when we first started our undergraduates and three years seemed like an enormous amount of time, now we look back and for some of us the time may now seem like it passed quickly. That my friends, is all of life. Hindsight is 20/20 but remember to always keep your mind and energy locked onto your future goals while never forgetting to live in the present. Good luck with the balancing act, I wish everyone future successes, revelations and triumphs.

Life is a Marathon, not a sprint.

Until next time





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