New to Work? – 5 Important Things to Remember

Before I write this blog I will like to take this time as a reminder for everyone to donate and pray for our brothers and sisters across the Caribbean that have been affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. This hurricane season was unprecedented and the future challenges ahead will test the strength of our region. Personally I know Dominicans and other bloggers such as IslandGirlOnAMission but other islands were affected such as BVI, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, Sint Marteen/Saint Martin and Anguilla. Without water, power and food shortages your help is needed. DONATE NOW! 

Unlike most of my blog posts this post may be more of an update. As you can tell I’ve been missing for the past month and I haven’t been writing. Well it’s a new month! And with that comes a mental reset and an energy shift. September was where life took another turn and October is where I get comfortable and find balance on my route.

Hello October

I’ve started working this month and as a recent graduate adjusting has been a learning experience. Yes, I’ve done internships before and I had a few minor jobs but there is just a different feeling to having your first permanent job! No longer can we count down to the beginning of a new school year. If you don’t know already this blog is about my journey and I write about things that I also am going through or feel inspired by. Here are some things I’m learning.

Stay Positive


At the beginning of any major life change we can panic. We don’t know what the future holds and it’s all unfamiliar territory. Yes it sucks waking up at 6 am every morning after being a university student who never made 9 am classes or as in my case woke up at 7:45 am for an 8 am class. But honestly, mind set is everything and when you change the way you think, you change the way you experience life and enjoy even the smallest of things. Bring your life into perspective, it’s not the end of the world and remember where there is a will there is a way.



Give your body and mind time to adjust. It’s new and that’s okay. If you need to sleep for a weekend, do that. If you need to cry that’s okay too. But don’t live permanently in the adjustment phase. Remember to find balance and a routine after you’ve accepted your reality. Make the decision to thrive not simply survive.


Don’t have one? Get one! I’m someone who likes having structure for my ability to adhere when I please but life doesn’t give us this luxury being an employee. Surprisingly, bodies love routine even if our brains detest them. Always improve on your routine, if during the first week you could barely stay awake to make breakfast, in the next week make sure you eat something, and in the third week maybe exercise before hand (my current phase).



This was crucial. After doing some calculations I realized that 12 hours out of my 24 hours a day are dedicated to getting to and from work and being at work. With my sleep requirement being 7-8 hours this leaves a grand total of 4 hours for myself. Yes, that seemed dismal at first but who cares (no one) so make it count! At work you’re achieving the goals of your company but make sure you take sometime to achieve a personal goal. Whether it be doing a course, volunteering or meeting a weight goal. Dedicating even one hour a week to something important to you makes a huge difference in finding balance.


Learn About Yourself

I don’t know about you but I’m young. So young that I don’t think I have a clear idea of what my strengths and weaknesses are professionally only generally because of the nature of internships or short term work. You are not set in stone and there is a lot you will learn about yourself as time goes on and you grow in your position. I love words, I write just about everything down which is strange for me because I’m well known from university for not writing any notes. Who you are at university is not necessarily who you will be at work.


P S – I’ve met many persons who tell me they’re following my blog and I have no clue! If you want me to know subscribe by email which appears at the side of this post. Thank you so much for your love and support with kind words on my writing 🙂 

Until Next Time !






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