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The Beauty of Nothing – Why Everyone Should Participate

The electricity went off last night, the television, the computer, the fan and the wifi all turned off. As we sat in darkness and quiet with no distractions for the first time I heard waves crash on the beach 150 meters away from us. When the electricity returned we noticed for the first time how noisy the fan really was but how great it was at cooling. Those little everyday things you never notice have the most profound impact.

Although this may seem like a very random story it truly shows the beauty of nothing. It is only when you’re at zero can you appreciate and understand direction. Nothing may just be the human true north. Every once in a while we need to re calibrate our compass. Life is blowing us in many directions but we never quite understand how much we’re being blown until we take the chance to stay still. To do nothing, to be nothing to everyone, to think nothing. In these time we get a true inkling of where our brain really wants us to be and the direction we really need to go.


During this time in my life I’m in and out of nothing. I only write blog posts when I feel truly inspired and I don’t try to manufacture creativity and stick to a schedule. I’ve let go of discipline and the pressure of obligations. I’ve let go of thinking that I have to do anything and started wondering if I want to do anything. In life we rarely have this luxury after jobs, bills and children become apart of our lives but for many young adults who may be between jobs, recent graduates or just plain old unemployed we may have that chance.


Nothing is not just for professional guidance, it’s for personal, social and spiritual guidance. What do you do when no one is telling you what to do? After you go out evaluate how it truly made you feel not how society tells you it was supposed to make you feel. When I go out with friends I feel exhausted and drained afterwards but I’m told going out is “fun” “refreshing” and “makes you feel better.” Spiritually, standing still allows you to find the best way that you find the connection with your higher power. In society we are told when we are supposed to feel the spirit and during what activities. Personally I feel the presence of God in nature but few churches are located in a garden with mature trees and a river near by. I see God in the beauty of the waves with mist and the sunset. Those moments are when I truly feel blessed, grateful and lucky to be alive as the ocean breeze hits my face. Someday I look forward to praying on an abandoned coast with the sand between my toes rather than in  a church with the energy of many people.


I challenge everyone to experience nothing even if for a short time. For those who don’t have the luxury you can meditate on mornings. Another option is to go somewhere peaceful once a week or simply not touching your phone until you leave home on mornings. Whatever works for you.. I can’t tell you what nothing can reveal for you or how you’ll experience it best but it always shows us something. If you have a nothing story share it, I’ll love to hear.

Until next time




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