What Do I Value the Most? (Q&A) – The Blue Sky Tag Challenge Award

Thank you to Island Girl on a Mission for the nomination! I’m new to the game but I’ll participate how I can, you can check out her blog post on her nomination here. I graciously accept and here are the answers to my questions.

blue tag

  • What are your 4 daily must have items and why?

I must always have my phone, lip balm, wipes and a hair tie. My phone is where I take quick notes. I’m a person who writes down absolutely everything. I make lists for any major day and even minor ones. These lists are on my phone and they guide my life.  My lip balm is because I hate dry lips, wipes because you never know when you have to clean something and a hair tie because they always come in handy.

  • If you could choose to either feel no fear or no pain for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

Mmm, this is a hard one because I believe both have a very crucial place in growth. I would have to say fear because pain is found more often in everyday life. We need those stimuli to let us grow whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual. Pain has a place in every life, embrace it but don’t hold on to it. “And this too shall pass.”

  1. What is your most important goal for this year?

Figuring it all out. I’m at a new place in life and feeling very lost as to what is my next move. As much as I had grand goals for 2017 I think my major goals now are survival and direction. Figuring out where I really want to be and where I should be. My blog is a way to help others as I help myself through life.

  1. How do you use your blog to inspire others?

I guess I answered this above without realizing. My problems aren’t unique to myself. Whatever problem you have someone else in the world probably has it too and while it is good to connect on that level I never want to be someone who shows a problem without a solution. I aim to inspire through sharing and solutions. I love to help persons from young and love to volunteer. My blog is just an extension of my belief in service above self.

  • If you knew that you were going to leave your country and never return again, what would you spend today doing? And with who would you spend it?

I don’t think I would do anything major or different. I would travel as usual in a ZR or Yellow Bus and observe the people going about their day. There is something heartwarming for me watching Bajan people. Everyone on this island I love so much is special to me in some way. I may stop by a beach and let the blue waters calm me with their beauty as I prepare for the new stage of life. Oh, and I would spend it with my family, specifically my mother because more than likely my boyfriend would go with me.

  • What is the thing you value the most?

I value many things as there is value and purpose in everything. I’m not quite sure how to answer this question. Currently I’m valuing my strength to get through this difficult phase in my life. Also I’m valuing money for it’s ability to make life easier and the fact that it’s the most important aspect of our societies. Sometimes I value space without the need to worry about others and my impact but finally I value God. I’m not religious but I do believe in God and the plans he has for my life and love.

  • If you could choose to master one skill, what would it be and why?

This may be cheating but the ability to learn. Is the ability to learn even a skill? Life is life long learning and this cannot be avoided. We have to learn in every aspect of our lives when we get a new job or become new parents or switch to a new career. No human can avoid learning and I think that if I have the ability to learn anything easily and quickly this is one way in which I can be an ever better human being while making my life easier.

  • Have you ever been to a Caribbean island? Which one? What was the best part of your experience?

I’ve been to St Vincent, St Lucia, Guyana, and Trinidad and of course I live in Barbados. Every island held something new for me. I’m half St Lucian and was raised with that as my dominant household culture. St Lucia is home in a strange way but so is Trinidad and Tobago after spending 3 years of my life in that country it starts to feel familiar. Doubles, malls, Tunapuna, Roti and buss up shot, curry pumpkin and mango, I dream of returning soon if only to eat some great food. St Vincent was my first trip without family and it was memorable as a young girl but Guyana? I love Guyana despite it’s reputation. The people, the culture and the vast rich lands. Guyana has it’s problems but it has a place in my heart.

  • If you have not yet visited a Caribbean island which one would you most likely visit if you have the opportunity to and why?

I want to visit Jamaica, yes I realize I have been to other islands but Jamaica is a country that is on my must list. Jamaica has such a rich culture and beautiful geographical landscape. Something about this island is drawing me near.

  • What is your favorite thing to do with others (party, counsel, volunteer, travel, worship etc.)? Why?

Hike! You truly learn who a person is when hiking. There is something about being in nature for days that lowers all our barriers and shows the true essence of who we are. You see people are their worst but yet their best. Hiking is beautiful but watching someone live up to the challenge has it’s own beauty.

  • What would you like to say to other bloggers to encourage them if ever they get discouraged to write?

If you’re discouraged because of another person ignore the criticism and write if it’s true to you. If you’re discouraged because of self doubt fight against that tide and again just write. More often in life we regret the things we didn’t do than the things we did. If you’re discouraged because of writers block just go with the flow. The words will find you again like if they’re simply returning home. Relax and seek inspiration.

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