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I Big Chopped 2 Years Ago! – My Natural Hair Journey

On August 14th 2015 I finally found the courage deep deep within me to do the big chop. My hair before this time was not magnificent by any means but it was still my hair at a decent length. I chickened out of cutting my hair many times before this day. I told my mother “yes I’m ready” then “noooo” so many times eventually she just left me. I took the scissors and cut off the first lock myself, realized it wasn’t so bad and the rest is history.


I texturised my hair when I was in 3rd form out of frustration from it’s length. My hair wasn’t unmanageable it just didn’t grow past my shoulders. My mother has bra strap length hair so that is what I viewed as normal or desirable (she still does and I’m still jealous). I wanted curly hair but instead got some wrinkled curls that was always frizzy and untamed.



I transitions in January of 2015 for 9 months.

It became pretty difficult to manage with the two textures so I used coping methods such as bantu knots and plaits.

Eventually I just put in braids before my trip to St Lucia, I was not going to be dealing with my hair on vacation.

But it was impossible. Combing my hair was a nightmare of tangles and every hair style took alot of time. So after frustrations I began discussing cutting it with my mother. On 14th August after a particularly bad hair day I found the courage.

I actually enjoyed the short hair. You WILL GET BACKLASH but don’t let this ruin your joy in the short period. You are still feminine. You do not look like a boy. Yes it will grow back. If you are not comfortable find some weave or braids.

During the first year it grew quickly..

And continued to grow in the second year.

I’m not sure what my goal is for the upcoming years, before it was just to have some form of hair. My options are trying to grow it longer, locking my hair or just cutting off and starting over. We’ll see what the future holds.

Until next time



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