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Natural Hair Update – Product Reviews + Protective Style Challenge

Hair is an extremely unique thing, as unique in my opinion as a finger print. No two persons have the same hair but hearing of someone else’s experience may help in your quest for the perfect routine. Recently I’ve seen multiple Facebook posts talking about the cost of maintaining natural hair. I personally have never been a product junkie and with the few products I do try, I always ensure they are on the cheaper side of things. Personally I currently use the following

  1. Water
  2. Shampoo
  3. Conditioner
  4. Leave In Conditioner
  5. Oils (Olive, Coconut or JBCO)
  6. Shea Butter
  7. Gel

None of which break the bank. Being natural is a better decision considering my financial  situation as a student. Recently I’ve tried two new products which I review below.

Product Review 

  • ORS Monoi Oil Anti Breakage Leave In Conditioning Creme
  • Conditions and detangles hair with ease. Helps reduce protein loss for stronger hair. Improves manageability and shine. Moisturizes and conditions.
  •  For Natural or Relaxed Hair

I ran into this product by accident. Basically I washed my hair on Saturday forgetting that I had run out of my usual leave in conditioner. I had a date that evening to catch up with an old friend, this left no time to run into a store to buy conditioner. A “natural” look of water and oil sufficed for that evening. ORS Monoi Oil

Sunday morning, most stores were closed except for supermarkets and this product I had never seen before in my life was the only product they had. In my neighborhood the natural hair movement isn’t that strong, most of the products were catered to persons with straightened hair but this product catered to both. This was the first point of skepticism, would this product work?

It worked okay. It will definitely not be replacing my current favorite which is the African Pride Shea Moisture Miracle Moisture Intense Leave In Conditioner. It has a similar consistency to the Cantu Leave In Conditioner and did not keep my hair moisturized for very long because it was on the thicker creme side. The moisture did not easily penetrate my cuticles. My hair was drier and had more shrinkage than usual.

  • Cantu Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Masque

Claim – Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Masque penetrates deep into the hair shaft to help repair, restore, and strengthen dry damaged hair.

This product was a pleasant surprise. I’m not a fan of the holy grail Cantu leave in conditioner used by many natural hair gurus. Personally it is too thick and not moisturizing or watery enough for my hair. However after using this masque my hair had the most curl definition I had ever seen in my life. Cantu Deep ConditionerIt was curly, shiny and bouncy. For my hair types I would not recommend deep conditioning too often but I will be trying this once a month. The package I used cost me $4 BDS from a local beauty supply store. I would highly recommend this product and I do believe it fulfills it’s claims.

For application I did not have any heat so I left it in with a shower cap on for 1 hour before I rinsed it out. See the below images from the process.



Protective Style Challenge

I was inspired by Sapphire Vital to start the protective style challenge. For my hair type single strand knots are a huge issue and to reduce this and breakage it is recommended that I keep my hair stretched and in protective styles. Despite knowing this calling it a challenge made me feel more inclined to do it, my competitive spirit I guess. I’ve been doing it since Mid July, here are a few hair styles I’ve tried.

Hairstyle 1 – Twists using Water and Shea Butter


Hairstyle 2 – Top Knot with Pashmina Scarf


NB- My hair is low porosity hair with a mixture of 4 A and 4 B curls.

Like and Share! If you have any protective style ideas or questions feel free to comment on this post!

Until Next Time

~ Dina


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