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Product Review – Schmidt Natural Deodorant Rose + Vanilla


I bought this deodorant from Pure Source Barbados located on the 2nd floor of Limegrove Lifestyle Center. I ran into this store quite by accident as I was walking around, I had never heard of them before. The price from Pure Source was $34 BBD tax included. This product can also be found on Amazon for those not in Barbados. This deodorant is vegan and cruelty free.


Personal Back Story

Why would anyone want to wear natural deodorant? Well, after having the terrible experience of a cyst forming under my arm from the use of an anti antiperspirant deodorant I was told by my doctor to no longer use deodorants with anti antiperspirant labels. Under my arms a thick film similar to glue is formed that does not wash away when I use antiperspirant deodorants, essentially my skin has a bad reaction to the ingredients in most. After I failed to source my usual cheap deodorant only roll on, I embraced the opportunity to try this new product from Pure Source.

The claims of this deodorant are that it neutralizes odor and absorbs wetness. It does neutralize odor and also does stop underarm wetness. This should be good for an hour in the gym. This deodorant applies similar to any other deodorant commonly found in stores. Anyone now switching to natural products won’t have a learning curve with this product. The deodorants protection lasts around 24 hours but I wouldn’t push it past that. The feel of the product is similar to other popular solid deodorants on the market, the company did a good job in that aspect.


He said “You smell like a grandma” but I thought I smelled like roses.

Basically, my boyfriend was not a fan of my deodorant but I most definitely was. The natural scents in products most people are not accustomed to. Anything with essential oils ends up reminding most people of their dear old grandmother. However for other people like myself with a love of flowers and natural things this deodorant smelled heavenly. My advice, go in store and smell it for yourself, it comes in other scents as well such as Bergamont and Lime. In my opinion it is a scent you can grow to love.



  • Price – $34 BBD
  • Rating – 4/5
  • Pros – Vegan and cruelty free. It does also help with under arm wetness which is something non anti antiperspirant deodorants fail to do.
  • Cons – The smell may be your favorite thing or something you absolutely hate. Luckily this products come in around 5 other scents. Also check to see if you’re allergic to baking powder on your skin before you purchase.
  • Would I Recommend? – Yes, for people such as myself who have been struggling to find something natural that serves as a deodorant this works.


Till Next Time





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