Bajan Inspired Make Up Look – The Glow Up Journey



The national colors from the Barbadian flag are blue, gold and black. This was the perfect inspiration for today’s Blue Gold Smokey Eye. I completed this look on a hot summer night, by the time the photos were taken I had to wipe off beads of sweat twice. However, I’m quite proud of myself with this look.

  • Primer – Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
  • Foundation – L’Oreal True Match C6 Soft Sable.
  • Contour and Highlight – LA Girl Pro Concealer Dark Cocoa and Milani Secret Cover Concealer in Medium Dark.
  • Eyes – NYX Single Shadow in J’Adore,  NYX Smokey Fume Palette, NYX Nudes Love in Paris Palette, LA Girl Neons Palette, LA Girl Pro Concealer in Cool Tan
  • Eyebrows – A random eyeliner pencil (not advised) and Cool Tan LA Girl Pro Concealer.
  • Highlight – LA Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder in 20 Watt
  • Lips – Smashbox Lip Gloss in Bare Light
  • Setting Spray – LA Girl Pro Setting


I’m not a make up professional so after I primed my face and did my eyebrows I went straight into doing my eye shadow. This order is used because after I use the concealer to conceal under the eyebrows then I drag it onto my lid and use the excess concealer on the brush as a base for my eye shadow in order for it to pop. Also, when I do my eye shadow before my foundation I can clean up any mess I make with foundation and concealer.

For the eyeshadow I used the light blue color in the Neons palette as my transition shade then I used a dark blue from the NYX Smokey Palette as my crease color. After words I took a dark brown from the NYX Nudes Palette followed by a black from the smokey palette in my outer crease. I then “cut my crease” (I later blended it out) with the concealer in Cool Tan then waited for it to dry a bit to apply the single shadow from NYX all over the crease. Finally, I highlighted under my brow area with the LA Girl Highlighter in 20 Watt.

Afterwards I color corrected my forehead and under my eyes with the orange shade in the LA Girl Pro Concealers then applied my foundation with a brush. This was the first time I applied my foundation with a brush and I loved it! Before I used the make up sponges that come in a pack and it would apply streaky, messy and also require a lot more product. This time it was a flawless fuller coverage application. Something else I also got right. It took me a while to realize that in order to photograph a nice contour I have to apply it heavier than my instinct told me. Today ,I simply had to use the same brush I applied my foundation with, squeeze to make it less round and then blend out my contour.

I applied my highlight along the higher areas of my cheek bones, straight down my nose and along with on the tip of my nose and my cupids bow. After applying my lip gloss I then set using setting spray and this completed the look.

This look could have been improved by lining the lower lash line more, including a winged eyeliner and also adding on false lashes.

A few images taken with my phone’s front facing camera.



Til next time



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